[Macworld2008] 스크립트 유출? 10종의 변화?

Macrumors를 통해 스크립트 전문이 유출되었다는 루머가 나왔다. 실제로 10여종의 제품이 자세한 스펙과 함께 아래 공개되었다. 정확한 것을 확인 할 수 없지만 제품의 몇가지 스펙에서 루머의 물망에 올랐던 것들도 있어 몇가지는 기대해볼법하다.

Mac Nano
•        Redesigned Mac–Mini
•        Half the height as its predecessor
•        Now has an anodized aluminum shell.
•        2.2GHz and 2.4GHz Santa Rosa chips
•        32GB flash solid state drive (64GB build-to-order option, also option for 160GB conventional HDD)
•        On sale at MacWorld, ships February

Mac Pro
•        Based off the Penryn chipset
•        Dual 2.8 GHz Penryn Xeons standard
•        2GB of RAM standard
•        320GB HDD standard
•        NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT Graphics standard
•        Blu-Ray build-to-order option for an extra $400

MacBook Pro
•        Mobile Penryn Chipset
•        2.4GHz and 2.6GHz Speeds
•        17” gets LED backlighting
•        15” gets a build-to-order higher resolution similar to the 17” model
•        Keeping the 8600M GT graphics, but upping the video memory to 256MB and 512MB
•        Black anodized aluminum option similar to the iPod classic
•        On sale at MacWorld, ships February

Cinema Displays
•        Built in 2 megapixel iSight camera
•        Same resolutions
•        LED backlighting
•        All support 1080HD
•        New Prices : 20”: $399; 23”: $599; 30”: $1,249
•        On sale at MacWorld, Available at MacWorld

MacBook Nano
•        Ultraportable Mac
•        Same screen resolution and size as the current MacBooks; 13” at 1280x800
•        1.6GHz and 1.8GHz low voltage Core 2 Duos
•        Low end model to feature a 32GB SSD and the higher end to have a 64GB SSD
•        $1,499 and $1,999 Respectively
•        No Optical Drives
•        Intel Integrated Graphics
•        10 Hours of Battery Life
•        On sale at MacWorld, Available at MacWorld

•        SDK Available at MacWorld
•        Developers can sell their signed apps from iTunes starting in March
•        New software includes Multimedia messaging, video recording with the camera, and an eBook reader
•        iPhone games available from the iTunes store
•        3G iPhone announced (looks similar to the existing model)
•        iPhone available in more countries

iTunes & iPod
•        iTunes 8 released along with Movie Rentals and eBooks
•        Software update for iPod Classics and Touches to support eBooks

Front Row 3.0
•        All Leopard compatible Macs will be able to use it
•        Support for the iTunes Store
•        eBook Reader
•        SDK for 3rd Parties to make plugins
•        Can be controlled via Apple Remote, iPhone, or iPod Touch
•        iCal, Mail, and Safari integration

•        New product not in the MacBook family
•        Two 9" multitouch-sensitve widescreens, both at 1280 x 854
•        Innovative, minimalist, two-way folding/sliding, dual-screen, multi-position design with magnetic clasps. Inspired by the paperback book, but thinner, more flexible and surprisingly tough.
•        No optical drive or mechanical HDD, uses a SSD drive.
•        Will run most existing OS X apps when in dual screen mode; 2nd screen becomes keyboard and touchpad
•        iPhone-ish springboard when in single screen mode
•        Multitouch sensitive version of iPhoto
•        Bluetooth, 802.11b/g, USB2.0, optical/analogue audio in/out, built in speakers & microphone.

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